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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions!!!

 1) I have wanted to visit for years but can I come alone?

Yes!!! It was always our desire to create a place where a guest could come alone and feel at home.   The hardest part is walking in the front door for the first time because you don't know what to expect.   We can assure you that from the moment you walk in everyone is so warm and welcoming.  You will find that you will make at least 2 new friends before you leave.   Keep in mind "Li'l Bit of Heaven" is probably unlike any place you have ever visited.  It is a safe and warm atmosphere that is not dark or loud.  The lights are on so you can see; the music is low so you can hear.  This is surely a place that you can visit by yourself.   You may be alone but we promise you.... you won't be lonely!

2) Are there any specific backgrounds or ages that come there?

All are welcome at "Li'l Bit of Heaven” we like to celebrate our differences and not be divided by them.  People of all nationalities and backgrounds are welcome.  As far as age, well since we opened our youngest guest has been "in the womb" and our oldest guest was 108 years young!!!

3) Is Lil Bit of Heaven only for singles? 

"Li'l Bit of Heaven” is open to all. That is the beauty of this ministry. If you are single and looking to make new friends, it's the perfect place to visit. (Heaven Trivia: Over 37 couples have met and married here!!) If you are a married couple looking  for a wholesome evening out on the weekend  or for a Bible study to grow together  during the week, that is available as well . Families are welcome too!

4)  Do you have concerts there every weekend?

Yes!  On Fridays & Saturdays and sometimes on Sunday nights.

5)  What styles of music do you offer? 

We offer all styles of music because there are all styles of people. From contemporary to jazz, to blues to Gospel, to R & B and Country, we have it all. The one common thread of all the music we feature is that the music should have a message to it and that message should be one of HOPE.  A lot of the music you hear played on the radio today is angry, not here at "Heaven" we believe music should be uplifting and inspire you.

6) I heard you have comedy nights too. Is that true?

Yes! Our comedy nights are extremely popular!  We believe laughter is medicine. (Proverbs 17:22) This event gets very crowded, so make sure you call ahead for a reservation. (631)262-1212

7) Is there a donation on weekends?

Yes, on the weekends only (Fri & Sat Evenings) there is a $15.00 donation.  The evening includes a delicious dessert of your choice along with unlimited coffee and tea. (All other evenings, please refer to events calendar)

 8) On weekends, can I just pop in at any time in the evening?

You can, but unlike a traditional type of coffee house setting where you just walk in at any time during open hours, "Li'l Bit of Heaven" is more of an evening out.  Your visit here will be filled with fun, friendship and live entertainment.  We suggest coming at 8pm, when the doors open because we wouldn't want you to miss a thing.

9) Do you serve food other then desserts?

No, we delight in only offering the most decadent of desserts at our weekend events!  We have no cooking facilities here.  We get our scrumptious cakes from Ever Best Bakery, formally of Valley Stream now located in East Northport. Of course we also have fresh fruit and sugar free desserts available.  It would be our pleasure to recommend wonderful restaurants in the local neighborhood if you would like to have dinner first.

10) Is it true the musicians /comedians all volunteer?

Yes!  Each of these stellar musicians and comedians choose to share their gifts with us are all volunteers.  To bless them, at the end of the evening, a goodwill or "love" offering is received for the artist or band. These artists travel from city to city sharing their faith filled message through music.  For some, this is their only income.  It is our generosity that allows them to continue their God-appointed mission. There is no set amount. Give what you feel led to give.

11) Can you tell me more about your workshops and support groups?

We offer all different types of support groups such as bereavement support groups, divorce care, pet bereavement and more!  Please refer to our Weekday & Weekend Events to see what we are featuring.   All are welcome to come but we do suggest registering since support groups are limited to a certain amount of people.

12) I heard you also have Bible studies. Can you tell me more?

Yes! The Lord has blessed this ministry with very gifted teachers.  Some nights our Bible studies are almost standing room only.  If you want to learn how to live a more victorious life in Christ, these Bible Studies will transform your life forever through the power of God's word! Reservations and registration are not required for our Bible Studies, but we do encourage you to get here early to get a good seat.

13) What if I have never read the Bible before?

No problem!!! "Heaven" is a great place to begin your spiritual journey.  

14) I heard it is a smoke free and fragrance free environment, Is that true?

Yes!!!  We have found that there are so many people who visit here and suffer from, headaches, allergies and asthma, that we pride ourselves in doing our best to make "Heaven" a fragrance -free atmosphere.  Thank you for helping us keep it that way.

15) Is "Li'l Bit of Heaven" handicap accessible?

Yes!  All we ask is that if you or your friend has a walker or a wheelchair, call ahead and let us know so we can find the best seating arrangement for them.

16) What about parking?

"Li'l Bit of Heaven" has a huge parking lot right in front.  It is safe, spacious and well lit.


If you have any other questions that we did not cover, please e-mail them to

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